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Excellent Rug Cleaning In Reading RG1

Rugs can accumulate quite a lot of dust and dirt, making them one of the largest culprits of allergen exposure. To battle this Local Cleaners Reading has devised several methods that fully extract all unwanted particles, and at the same time protect the fibers of your precious area rugs. As leading experts in Reading RG1, we can tell you that regular rug cleaning is paramount to the health and well-being of your family.

Rug Cleaning In Reading. Why Choose Us?

Rug cleaning in ReadingAs rugs can be the breeding ground for pests such as bed bugs and dust mites, who can then spread to beds, carpets and other pieces of fabrics around your house, regular cleaning is quite important, luckily we offer a comprehensive service from which you will enjoy:

  • Pest free rugs
  • Freshly cleaned and rejuvenated fibers
  • Protected and hard to stain surfaces
  • Freshly cleaned and refreshed colours
  • No dust and grime in rugs

All of the detergents and methods used are family and dog safe, absolutely suitable for use in homes and offices.

Service Details

As far as services go, this one covers every aspect of rug care and cleaning. To make sure that we cover every size and kind of rug, we’ve developed several methods that will accommodate any of your rug cleaning needs.

Dry cleaning – has its uses not only on carpets,but also on area rugs as well. The fine dust we use is gentle on the fibers and colors of your rugs, making it ideal for the treatment of exotic and expensive Persian rugs. It will remove any grease, food or moisture based stain, as it will draw out all the moisture and have a deodorizing effect at the same time. As the dust will bind with the stain, it will make it easier to extract with our powerful hoover, along with any other allergen out there.

Steam cleaning – is specially designed to destroy and cut through hard to remove stains in any synthetic or woolen textile material. As it has a large capacity for stain eradication, this treatment has great utility in also removing tar, gum and other industrial strength staining that might occur in your home. As no toxins and harmful chemicals are used with it, it is perfectly safe for use at home or the office.

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To book us either call our team at 020 3746 8230 or fill out our booking form based on the site. Our team will help you with the scheduling and figure out the time that suits you the best. Be sure to ask about our free quotes, discounts and other benefits while on the phone with our 24/7 team.