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Expert Mattress Cleaning In Reading RG1

By the sixth month of a bed mattress’ life, over 45% of its overall weight will be composed of human skin lakes, the carcasses of numerous dust mites, their offspring and their fecal matter. The can cause skin irritations and lesions, removing all of that can be a pain, unless you use a professional mattress cleaning service such as ours, the best cleaning service in Reading RG1.

Why Select Our Mattress Cleaning Service Offer?

Mattress cleaning in ReadingAs we specialize in the extraction and eradication of dust mites, we can give an adequate service and deal with any fiber ridden pest under the sun. We can do it safely, without posing any threat to your family’s well-being. You will also enjoy:

  • No more bed pests
  • Reduced allergen counts
  • Drug-free allergy relief
  • No deposit required. No hidden fees
  • No need to buy a new mattress

Wait no more and call us at 020 3746 8230. We will quickly react and restore your sleeping comfort. Local Cleaners Reading is also specialized in the deodorization and full extraction of stains of all nature, especially dog and cat urine. Accidents happen, and we can be there to ratify them properly.

Mattress Cleaning Techniques  

As we strive to meet all of your mattress cleaning needs, we’ve developed a wide service, ranging from stain cleaning to deodorization and even bed pest removal. For that we use:

Steam cleaning: is more suited to battle stains and finish of any remaining bed bug feces or carcasses. It utilizes a high-pressure steam jet that penetrates the bed mattress, it dislodges stains, making them easier to extract via vacuum, and kills of any dangerous bacteria that might be lurking in there. 95% of the moisture used in this process will be sucked up, leaving only a small percentage and a short drying time. The steam will have a freshening and rejuvenating effect on the mattress, without harming the fibers and construction.

UV treatment: is used to kill of all bed mattress pests, in every stage of their development. This will ensure that nothing is left and that you will once again have a sound sleep. No more skin irritations and allergic reactions, you will now have a dust mite free mattress. The UV light penetrates all layers, killing every single one of the buggers, without using detergents or any chemicals, a vacuum cleaner is then used to suck away everything and leave a clean surfaces.

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Our professional mattress cleaning teams can be reached by contacting our 24/7 customer support team over at 020 3746 8230 or by filling out our booking form. While on the phone, don’t forget to ask about our free quotes, new discounts and current offers we have for you. Save more than just money, save precious time and nerves.