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Proficient Curtain Cleaning In Reading RG1

You might not know it, but your curtains are filthy, unless you’ve cleaned them in the recent two to three months. They can act like large air filters, trapping small particles of dust and other matter, not only absorbing hazardous particles, but also soaking smells like a sponge. This is why you need our professional curtain cleaning team, the best one in Reading RG1.

Why Book Curtain Cleaning From Us?

Curtain cleaning in ReadingWith our professional services, you will get fresh selling curtains, all stains and odours removed and protected fibers and curtain materials. These can ultimately save you money for additional scheduling, as it will wean off dirt and male it harder to stick to the textile. You will also enjoy:

  • Skilled & fully covered staff
  • Safe fiber treatment
  • No more bed bugs or dust mites
  • Toxin-free detergents
  • Absolute stain removal

For more details, fee free to contact our team at 020 3746 8230 and be sure to ask about all the current discounts and offers we have. Same day & urgent appointments available. Prochem child & pet safe detergents. No upfront payments. 

Cleaning Approaches Explained

Dry cleaning: is used on delicate fibers that are heat and moisture sensitive. This is a special treatment that allows for the treatment of almost every type of textile, both synthetic and natural, so if you have natural fibered blinds, you won’t have to worry about their state after we are done. As it uses no moisture there is no drying time and no chance of fungal growth on your curtains nor is there any chance of thermal or moisture damage. Best used against food and grease stains, this treatment is ideal for household and office use.

Steam cleaning: has an incredible cutting power that goes through every stain possible. Because it is using high pressure how water as a cleaning mechanism, it is best used on woolen and synthetic types of curtains, as they will react best to the intensity of the procedure and reap its benefits. The steam perfectly sanitizes the surfaces and penetrates deep into the base of the textile, removing all unpleasant odours and stains from it. Its power is best used against paint, wax, gum and other worrisome soiling without harming the beauty and colors of your precious curtains.

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Finally decided to book us? Then you’d be glad to know that you are a phone call away from the best cleaning your curtains have ever had. You can reach our 24/7 customer support by dialing 020 3746 8230 or by filling out our booking form. To increase our accessibility we also have an instant chat system that you can take full advantage even now. Ask about our current discounts and offers and save time and money.